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This really depends on your needs. If your site is a basic site with minimal requirements we probably will look at the minimum amount. Should you require an e-commerce system or classifieds system added we most likely will look at an amount somewhere towards the middle of the range. Should you require multiple or advanced functions, we probably will look at the top of the scale. We have limitations on the number of hours we spent on your site set-up and most sites will fall in one of these categories. However, it is stipulated in our contracts that any work taking longer than expected because or customer requirement will be charged for if not budgeted for.

Other Functions

Unfortunately not. We only use WooCommerce and any free plugins associated with it as an e-commerce solution.

WooCommerce does not support any payment methods not based on South African Rands by default, for example, Paypal. A plugin is available for PayFast and we have integrated this successfully in a number of cases.

Do you need an online bookings system for your hair salon, consulting agency, guest house or holiday resort? You may even need a function where you can sell tickets for events.

We found that most plugins for these type functions come at a hefty price and in these cases we do recommend some online service providers. We will recommend you a bookings system for service providers (even with online Zoom meeting functionality), a booking system for events (also with Zoom functionality build in) and also a bookings system for overnight accommodation.

This will be assessed per request. In almost all cases charges are incurred, and full upfront payment is required –  most of these plug-ins are paid in foreign currency and are expensive, with no options for a refund.

Our Services

Unfortunately not. Managing an e-commerce shop takes a lot of time. Once set up we will show you how to load your products yourself. It is fairly easy and we have not come across anyone not able to do so themselves.

We found that this theme has almost all everything one would need. It is flexible enough to accommodate most functions and requirements. Phones and tablets display all perfectly and it even looks good on a desktop. Besides that, it is a professional theme we paid for and we receive superior support from the developers should we need to ask for assistance.  You are more than welcome to change to a different theme once all is set up, either by using us or by taking over your design. However, all initial set-ups are done using this theme.

We initially register domains under our name, but once we have your full details we edit the registrar to your details. We stay on as administrative and technical contacts in order to ease annual payments. You are more than welcome to take over complete management of your domain but it will be your responsibility to make annual payments to ensure your domain does not expire.

We welcome updates and changes to websites. One hour of labour per month is included in your monthly fees. Approximately half of that is used already for backups and maintenance, thus leaving you with some time we can assist. Any additional time will be charged for at the prevailing rate. Please note that balances are not carried over to the next month.

Unfortunately not. We do all work remotely via form submissions, e-mail, and in the very odd occasion phone or zoom call. The webmaster is a very shy nerd and prefers written communications. Ask Roline, our marketing agent, will assist where possible but once again, no visits.

Yes, but this only applies to domains, only to Design

Payment and Shipping

We can configure almost any shipping solution for you. However, we do all without direct integration with service providers using our own scales of pricing. Most common solutions we let your customers choose from (based on your preferences) are Own Collection, SA Post Office, Postnet, Pargo, Standard courier (based on guidelines of areas served by The Courier Guy). We also looked at delivery fees based on distance before, not implemented as it turned out an expensive method for most customers, but a possibility should you need that.

There are many possible solutions available but we found the best to use as far as pricing is concerned and also compatibility with South African currency is PayFast. It is a local service provider and based in Cape Town. If you need any online payments solutions you will have to register as a merchant with them (not a complicated or expensive exercise at all). You may also use Direct Bank Deposits but you will have to provide us with your banking details as that will be made available to your customers upon checkout. We do not support any other e-commerce solutions and also will not implement any other solutions.

There are many possible solutions available but we found the best to use as far as pricing is concerned and also compatibility with South African currency is WooCommerce. We do not support any other e-commerce solutions and also will not implement any other solutions.

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